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Decoration guide for your wedding

Do you know the style of decoration you like for your wedding?

Your Wedding in Spain | Last update: 12/17/2020

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Decoration is one of the elements that can ensure the success of a wedding. To make the decision of what style we choose for our wedding we have to take into account many factors, from the time of year to the type of ceremony or the venue.

Currently, the bride and groom pay special attention to the decoration of their wedding, taking into account the importance of each element and taking maximum care of every detail.


There are as many types of weddings as there are couples, therefore, the options for decorating a wedding are almost infinite because each one looks for their own touch.  This is the reason why we see weddings on the beach, in castles, in cinemas or even museus.

In the following lines we are going to show you everything you need to know about decorating a wedding, but before that, let us give you 5 important tips.

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5 tips to achieve an amazing success at your wedding

First of all, you have to bear in mind that although the decoration of a wedding is very important, you should not forget that you two are the real protagonists. If you follow these 5 tips, decorating your wedding will not cause you any stress:

It is not recommended to leave everything to the last minute. Ideally, you should start preparing all the decoration at least six months in advance.

There are a large number of styles and trends that you can choose to decorate your wedding that will inspire you, but always take into account your tastes and preferences. It is important that your own personality is reflected in the wedding decoration.

Without a doubt it is one of the most important elements in decoration. There are many ways to use light to create a cozy atmosphere (garlands, chandeliers, pendant lamps, …). Think carefully about the type of venue where the wedding is taking place to get the most out of the lighting.

Simplicity is a safe bet. Choosing a simple style over other more ornate is the best of the decisions you can make. As they say: «Less is more».

Organizing a wedding involves a lot of stress and complexity due to the high number of decisions that must be made, but you should never stop enjoying each moment. If you are not able to carry this out on your own, you can always hire the help of a professional.


Which one is your style???

Finding the right wedding style is very important but also very difficult. We would like to help you with it by showing you some of the most trendy styles:

This is a style that is always trendy. It is also one of the most fun ones because there are many decorative elements that the bride and groom can make and prepare by themselves. Betting on this style of decoration is a safe bet.

This type of decoration transmits relaxation, happiness and a very spontaneous atmosphere in a natural environment.

The materials that are usually used are wood, stone, clay, glass, brass and natural fabrics. Branches, rugs, glass jars or “damajuanas” (big crystal bottles) are some of the elements that can complement our decoration.

If we talk about colors, obviously we have to decide on those that inspire a natural environment; the blues and whites of the sky and the sea, the browns of the earth, the greens and yellows of the trees …

As an example of this decorative style, you could make a centerpiece by taking two or three glass jars of different heights and introducing flowers, leaves or even candles. Then, you place a log as a base and the result will surprise you.



If you love to get romantic, without being cloying and you want your guests to feel that «love is in the air», without a doubt this is your style.

The main element of the romantic style is flowers. The floral details, fresh or preserved, in each and every corner with a vintage glass vase or in cans, will give your wedding decoration a unique touch.

Candles are a very important element in this type of weddings too. There is no romantic evening worth its salt without candlelight, which, accompanied by mirrors, will create an atmosphere that your guests will never forget.

Pink is the color of love, it must be present in almost all elements. You should bet on combining them with pastel tones such as yellow, gray, white or blue.

There are many elements used for this type of decoration like pictures with love sentences, paper or cardboard letters, heart-shaped pendants and of course chandeliers.

An example of this style of decoration for your table could be to put in the center a white cage bird with pastel colored flowers and a candle.


Betting on a vintage decoration for your wedding is a guaranteed success.

Without a doubt, the vintage style has become a trend as a decorating style in recent years. It is inspired by the decorative elements of the 30-40s, an elegant, versatile style, with a romantic air, mixing an old style with the use of avant-garde and modern accessories.

The base color of this vintage style is white or off-white, while the different elements that we decide on can wear bright colors or pastel tones. The flower pattern is the absolute protagonist of this type of decorations and we can use it on tablecloths, rugs, cushions…

In terms of materials, wood, wicker and wrought iron are the materials most used to recreate a vintage world.

The idea is that the entire decoration has a certain touch that refers to the past. Decorating with old and retro elements such as gramophones, antique radios, typewriters, cameras or aged wooden boxes is a perfect idea for this type of wedding.

As an example, we can use glass containers in different areas combined with slices of wood or wild flowers, achieving an environment that amazes everyone present.


It is no secret that in recent times the boho chic style has become fashionable.

The secret to achieve the perfect boho chic style, is to use a touch of indie style and an ethnic touch. The boho chic style is inspired by the carefree and enigmatic life of that intrepid traveler who in his different trips around the world has made all kinds of treasures, mixing the old and the new to create a unique and colorful look.


Energetic colors, vintage decoration and creativity are the most outstanding characteristics of this decorative style.

Boho chic is a decorative style that is characterized by being exotic and referring to the aesthetics of other countries. Patterned tapestries, natural elements, a palette of saturated shades of pink, yellow, blue and green are ideal for a bohemian style for your wedding. Floral patterns fill any boho space, achieving a different atmosphere.


A good idea in decorating for weddings with boho chic style is to use succulents to set the tables, to give as a gift to your guests or even if you want in the bridal bouquet.

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