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Lara & Oliver

Organization and design:
Your Wedding in Spain

Salvador Blanco

Makeup and hairdressing:
Charo Villasclaras / Carolina Conde

The history

Lara contacted us for info as she was getting married in May in Loja (Granada) and felt it was very difficult to make everything by her own from where she lived (London). Our first meeting was via Skype, we couldn´t meet personally until March, when we moved towards Finca La Bobadilla Hotel to meet with several suppliers and with the family. They were delighted and we fell in love with the Hotel from the start. It was like getting married in a little village in the mountain with impressive outdoor locations and breathtaking views.

With Lara, we broke our video conference duration record achieving the 3 hours conversation!!! However, we were really happy to know that she felt calm and confident every time we said goodbye.

All the guests were staying at the same hotel, but each of them arrived in different times so the hotel transfer coordination from the airport was a little bit more difficult this time. Yet the result was a flawless.

The weekend events started with a welcoming dinner in one of the hotel restaurants with views to the swimming pool, where the guests were able to enjoy a typical Spanish dinner, enliven by a guitarist performance.

The wedding day couldn´t have arisen more beautiful; a splendorous sun accompanied us during the whole ceremony. Many of the guests were able to enjoy the hotel facilities, horse riding, cycling… while Lara relaxed at her room with her family and started her makeup and hairdressing session.

The ceremony was a total success and after the first wedding nerves passed, everything ran smoothly. During the cocktail we surprised the guests with a cellar master and a saxophonist, who appeared again during the party which lasted until dawn.

Thank you, Lara & Oliver for your trust.

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